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Title: Under my Care
Author: the-dark-doctor
Genre: Romance, humour, graphic sex, angst
Rated: NC-17
Characters: The Doctor (4th) Harry Sullivan
Pairing: Four/Harry
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, it all belongs to the BBC

Summery: A remake of a scene in Robot. 
Harry is left to look after the newly regenerated Doctor, the Doctor then gets  very unstable and starts doing things to himself and Harry that nither of them will ever regret. Rated for  Four/Harry smut and the Doctor being very slutty

Under My Care

The nurses and doctors had helped Harry Sullivan take the newly regenerated Doctor in sickbay. The nurses removed all of the Doctor’s clothing and slipped him into a hospital gown. By the time the nurses and the doctor’s had left the Doctor in his room to sleep, Harry then attended to his patient. He locked the door behind him as soon as he entered, making sure that no one walks and then disturbing him and his patient. Harry took off his navy jacket and replaced it with a white doctor’s coat. He moved towards the Doctor and began to examine his body.

Harry then felt a strong source of power kicking into his gut as he placed the tip of his fingers over the Doctor’s soft, warm neck as he checked his pulse. He licked his lips gently and slithered the tip of his fingers down the middle of the Doctor’s chest. The Doctor slowly awoken from his sleep and Harry quickly backed away from him so that the Doctor wouldn’t look at him suspiciously.

“What are you doing?” The Doctor whispered and sat up slightly from the bed.

“I was just in the middle of examining you.” Harry said in his professional doctor’s voice and walked over to him and fixed out his pillows.

“I didn’t know you cared.” The Doctor smirked and placed his hands over his forehead and whined him pain. “I head still hurts.”

“Hmm, maybe I have something for that, how about an aspirin?” Harry said and went to get him one until the Doctor leaped out of his bed and dashed towards him, he stood he front of him and block the Doctor in which Harry was about to go out.

“Don’t you understand, aspirins are toxic to the Time-Lord blood?” The Doctor whispered coldly and moved away from the door. The started to limp at bit as his legs felt like weights were stuck on them, he placed one hand on a table and gritted his teeth in pain.

“Are you alright, sir?” Harry asked.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’m fine, I never felt better.” The Doctor said sarcastically and rolled his eyes at him, although Harry didn’t see him do that. The Doctor walked towards his bed and sat down on it; he lulled his head forward and placed his hands over his face again.

He hated regeneration, even though this was his third time doing so, he hated it. The amount of memory loss and pain he had to go through for the next few hours is going to be hell. The Doctor lifted his legs off the ground and sat crossed legged on the bed.

“I’ll give you a glass of water instead.” Harry said and moved towards a sink and he filled the Doctor up a small glass of cold water. Harry handed the Time-Lord over the glass and the Doctor accepted it out of his hand. He took small zips from the glass and looked over at Harry as if he had seen him before.

“Excuse me,” He said. “Have I seen you before, you look familiar?”

“Umm, sorry, I never saw you before.”

“Yes, yes, yes, but I think I didn’t see you before,” He placed his glass on a small table beside his bed and looked over at him in a curious way. “Are you Ben Jackson?”

Harry shook his head and replied. “No.”

“Jamie Mc Crimmon?”

“Sorry, no.”

“Ian Chesterton?”

“No, listen, you’ve got the wrong man. I’m Harry, Harry Sullivan I’m a naval officer of the Royal Navy. Lieutenant Surgeon Harry Sullivan, to be right.” Harry informed him.

The Doctor clasped his large hands over his ears and hushed at Harry. “Shhhh….. Don’t talk to much, I can’t understand you.” The Doctor whispered and looked at him with wide eyes.

Harry looked at him and moved over beside him. “Look, why don’t you just lay down and try going to sleep, you need rest.”

The Doctor gave him that look again, a looked that made the Doctor look is frightened and scarred, and it was as if he didn’t know where he is or who he is.

“Who are you and where am I” The Doctor murmured and got up from his bed and then started walking about the room. “I want to get out, I want to get out!” The Doctor’s voice rose as he began to panic. “Don’t let them get me, don’t let the Daleks get Zoe and Jamie.”

“Who’s Zoe and who are the Daleks?”

“I’m telling you everything, you understand; just leave the boy and the girl alone!” The Doctor shouted. “Jamie, Jamie! When I tell you to run you run….Run!”

“Doctor, Doctor, what’s wrong?” Harry questioned as he held onto the Doctor’s upper arms, the Doctor looked into his eyes again and began to cry. He walked back and placed his back against the wall, he slowly slithered down and crossed his arms over his head and cried gently.

“I’m so sorry, Jamie. I’m so, so sorry. You didn’t disserve it, both of you didn’t disserve it.” The Doctor’s voice crackled as he sniffed. He looked up at Harry with wet eyes and cheeks and placed the side of his head on his arm.

Harry’s heart sank, seeing this man like this was heartbreaking and cruel. He must have lost two great people in his life and now, his memories are haunting him once again.

“I’m sorry, Mr Sullivan. I didn’t mean to burst out like that, it’s just my past emotions and feelings are coming back to me, it happens in regeneration. Forgive me.”

“I understand, come, on your feet and get some rest, maybe you’ll better later on.” Harry said and helped him off the ground, the Doctor wiped his eyes with his hands and staggered towards the bed, he got on and sat on it against, crossed legged. The Doctor began to take in deep breaths and breathing out gently, it seemed to be the only way he could relax himself.

The Doctor seemed fine now and Harry was relieved that he was, for now anyway. Harry fixed his pillows again and before he was about to move out of the room, the Doctor got up on his knees on the bed, pulled Harry’s doctor’s coat and pulled him over to him so that their lips met. The Doctor held him like that for five minutes and released his lips away from Harry so that he could breath.

“Was that-,” Harry gasped. “Was that another one of your emotions coming back?”

“No, this is what I want right now, my desire.” The Doctor whispered in a horny voice as his face came close to Harry’s, so close, that their noses were about to touch.

“You’re still sick, sir, you need some rest.” Harry was about to let go of him until the Doctor pulled him down again.

“Don’t give me that talk, Harry; I felt you’re fingers trailing down my chest.” He licked his lips and whispered in his ear. “You want me.”

“Look, you’re still regenerating or what ever it is you said, and you’re not well. Now, lay back and go to sleep.”

“The guy in the moustache said you are to look after me.”

“You mean the Brigadier?”


“Well, if orders are orders.” Harry said with a smile and whipped off his white coat and pinned the Doctor on his back on the bed, Harry sat on top of him. “And I don’t like disobeying orders, and you’re under my care.” He said and moved back so that his hand can go up the Doctor’s hospital gown, slowly, Harry moved his hand around the Doctor’s member.

“Yes, we all have to- oh, ohhhhh, yessss… right there, just keep rubbing.” The Doctor moaned through gritted teeth and closed his eyes tight as he felt Harry slithered his warm hand around the area. “You’re hand is so talented.” The Doctor moaned deeply and arched his back. “I suppose you’re not a stranger to this sort of thing.”

“Nope, you’re probably just the same.” Harry said as he began to finger him around the area.

“You’ve got that right, Harry.” The Doctor as he licked his lips. Slowly, he began to slither his hands around his chest and around where Harry’s has been giving him most of the pleasure.

“Look at you, just lying and touching yourself like you’re some horny man who had never had any sex in months.” Harry joked and smirked a bit.

“That’s because I am horny man that never had any sex in months.” He said with closed eyes but with a smile spreading along his face, not looking at Harry but keeping his mind in some place else. “Sweet name of Rassilon, this feels good. This is a lot better than doing it with a woman.”

“So you’re not gay.”

“No, I’m bisexual. Now shut up and let me link my mind into yours.” The Doctor informed and proceeded in with his touching. Harry had closed his eyes and then felt the Doctor’s mind being moulded into his, it felt strange and yet, it felt so good.

Harry could feel his whole mind and his whole body being pressed against another, every thought and every pleasurable feeling were being mangled up into one big knot until it had exploded and that Harry and the Doctor were sharing with each other’s bodies. Harry moved his hand around faster as he found a rhythm he thought he had lost. The Doctor stilled had his eyes closed as was now unbuttoning his hospital gown. When he had finished unbuttoning it, Harry had stopped his moving and helped the Doctor off with his hospital gown. When the Doctor had the whole thing off him, he started helping Harry strip down, his eyes still closed and allowing his sense of touch to be his guide.

The Doctor had parted both his legs so that the naked Harry could sit comfortably in between them. When Harry had nestled in between his legs, the Doctor’s legs held onto his waist and his arms wrapped around his neck so that he could pull him down closer. And without hesitation, Harry roughly entered the Doctor and the Doctor instantly flung his head back as ecstasy washed over him. Gently, he began to rock him backwards and forwards with such rhythmic movements. Inside, the Doctor could feel a flame burning up and he liked it. He smiled slightly as he held onto Harry.

“So this is what I’m reduced to now, fucking my patients.” Harry said through heavy breathing as he picked up the paste.

“I’m… afraid…so.” The Doctor replied, taking in small breaths in between his words. “God, I feel such a slut.”

“I always thought that women are usually called that?”

“Okay then, so I’m in touch with my inner woman.” The Doctor laughed silently, but stopped as a huge wave of passion crash against him roughly. Then the Doctor flung his head back violently and let out a rapid cry as he came. It was then Harry’s queue to cover the Doctor’s mouth with his hand.

“Shhhh, do you want someone to hear you moan and cry like that.” Harry hushed him in a low voice and was still pumping the Doctor.

“Just say you’re giving me a very large needle.” The Doctor said to him and indicated him to use it as a cover up story.

Harry locked down and then looked back up at the Doctor. “You don’t say.” Harry mocked.

“Cheeky.” The Doctor smirked and pulled him down for a long wet kiss with his demanding and desperate tongue and lips. He then started to run his hands through Harry’s curly brown hair and holding his head in place. Harry parted away from the Doctor’s kiss.

“Look, I have to get back and do some serious work, alright.”

“But isn’t that what you’re doing now, Mr Sullivan?” The Doctor said and licked his lips.

“Now stop talking so sluttish, Doctor.”

“You have the nerve to talk, and besides, I’m not the one whose cock is still inside my body.” The Doctor pointed out and Harry realized that he still was. The Doctor laughed hysterically as he watched Harry’s face glow bright red with embarrassment. Harry gently eased out of the Doctor’s body and then getting off him. The Doctor pouted as he did so and then he sat up with his back against the bored.

“You better button yourself up before anyone suspects anything.” Harry ordered him as he pulled his trousers up and then fixing his shirt and tie. The Doctor had done what Harry had told him to do, by the time he had finished buttoning up he looked over at Harry and complemented him on how cute his ass was. Harry blushed as he slipped on his Doctor’s coat and then walking towards the Doctor.

“Now will you go to sleep?” Harry said as he picked up his medical reports and files from the table beside the Doctor.

“If you insist, Doctor Sullivan.” The Doctor groaned and fixed the covers up over his shoulder and then he was lying on his side, not facing Harry.

“Now stop being so babyish.” Harry told him as he walked over to the other side of the Doctor’s bed, now facing the sulking Time-Lord. Harry couldn’t help but giggle.

The Doctor glared at him but then smiled lovingly, he couldn’t get angry or upset at the cutest man he had ever seen. “I don’t feel tired.” The Doctor murmured.

“You should be, after what I’ve been doing to you.”

“Time-lords don’t require sleep as much as humans, for an adult, we only need 2 or 3 hours.” The Doctor said to him, he liked explaining things to people, it was properly one of the best things he could do.

Harry nodded his head and made his way to the door, he opened it with his key, as he was about to open it and step out, the Doctor had spoken.

“Since I’m not sleeping and I’m not going anywhere, can you be so kind as to get me a mug of hot chocolate with six sugars. That’s if you have any hot chocolate?” The Doctor said and snuggled back down in his covers; he turned and noticed that Harry’s pen was on the table. He smirked, knowing that this will be his opportunity to do something.

“Mr, Sullivan. Are you forgetting something?” The Doctor wagged the dark blue pen in the air.

“Oh.. of course, thank you.” Harry said and went to fetch his pen off the Doctor, but without warning, the Doctor leaped out and grabbed hold of Harry around the waist and then slamming his back against the wall. Harry had dropped all of his medical reports and files, pages and things had fallen out of them and now were scattered across the floor.

“What are you doing?” Harry said in a shocked tone as the Doctor undone his trousers again. Harry rolled his eyes and then pushed him aside a bit. “May I remind you, Mr Sullivan, that I’m still very unstable and that I might do just about anything.”

“Like what?” Harry chocked.

“You’ll see.” The Doctor told him and kissed on the lips, he then stopped and the Doctor bent down on his knees so that his face was then met by a small present in between Harry’s legs. Harry licked his lips and then started sweating, even though the Doctor didn’t do anything yet, he can still feel his warm breath breathing against it. His heart started to pound wildly against his chest he felt the Doctor’s tongue lick p along his cock.

The door opened and then came walking in a tall man with a black moustache and thick black hair, he was wearing a military uniform with a brown cane sitting under his arm. It was the Brigadier. That when Harry knew that he was so screwed.


January 2013

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