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About a Sailor

Harry Sullivan Fanfiction Community

A Harry Sullivan Fanfiction Community
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Welcome to About A Sailor. The begin with, the title 'About a Sailor' was based upon a series i did in WhoFic, under the same 11thDoctorWho.

First of all, Harry Sullivan needs love and he is the most adorable male who companion ever. So decided to build up this community for him because, as i said, Harry needs love.

I also made this community for my love of the pairing four/harry, so far, i've done numberous fanfictions on it and it'll be sending them in as soon as i can. Anyway, and now for the rules.


1. No flamming on any story

2. NO abusive or offensive talk to any of the members, this is a friendly community

3. If your text is over 100 words long, Lj-cut them please.

4. All stories must be Lj-cut

5. RPF is also acceptable, but NO abusing the actors or actresses in anyway is allowed, that also means no putting them out of character for any reason what so ever.
(see Vandonovan's dw-rpf rules, it'll show you what i mean)

6. Character bashing and all that is allowed, just as long as you have a dam good reason why

7. Enjoy yourselves and i hope you like it here.